In order to help you project yourself and give you an idea of your future garage, Innova-Box has set up a simulator allowing you to configure your own garage according to your preferences.

The configurator is based on a 2-seater garage, with a relaxation area, which you will be able to arrange to obtain the garage of your dreams, by choosing all the Innova-Box materials (floor covering, wall covering, ceiling, lighting, decorative accessories, etc….)


aménagement de garage pour Ferrari

Step 1


If you have a real interest in our concept, let us know without delay:

  • For France : by e-mail at or by telephone on 01 85 41 61 47. We will send you an access code.
  • For Switzerland : by e-mail at or by telephone at +41795824119. We will send you an access code.
  • For the United Kingdom : by email at or by phone at +447853933642. We will send you an access code.
Devenir franchisé

Step 2


When you have received your access codes then click on this button below.

Your access codes will look like this example:
  • Username or e-mail:
  • Password: EXAMPLE3D
Showroom garage

Step 3

As soon as your configuration is ready, save your model using the camera icon and then send it to us by email:
  • For France :
  • For Switzerland :
  • For UK :
We can then transcribe your model into a 3D with the exact dimensions of your garage. It’s a good way to project yourself! We will then make you a price proposal.