Garage 1

A 25m² box ready to accommodate this magnificent orange 720s. The client chose to combine Acadamia cladding with glossy black plates. We have also incorporated a Nürbergring light circuit and a McLaren light poster.

Garage 2

Here is a 20m² garage in the Paris region, a marvel! Equipped with its Star Wars LEDs and its starry sky, this garage perfectly adopts this magnificent M5 competition.

Garage 3

A two-car garage of approximately 80m² in the Paris region. Ready to welcome these two marvels: an Italian and a French sport car.

Garage 4

Discover in image one of the most beautiful projects carried out by our teams. A complete transformation of a simple shed into a magnificent and vast garage of almost 300m²!

Garage 5

Creation of a real showroom for a professional garage specializing in luxury cars. This Innova-box garage will serve as a setting for the delivery of prestige vehicles.

Garage 6

A box of almost 50m² in the south of France. A new and unprecedented achievement made up of cladding, Star Wars LEDs and lined with bay windows for a most luxurious effect.

Garage 7

Here is a two-car garage of approximately 60m². The “Enzo-Style” luminaire, entirely designed and manufactured by our teams, is making its first appearance. Aesthetic and refined, it offers an impression of depth in this garage. The effect is guaranteed!

Garage 8

A box of 50m² in the Paris region. A new challenge presented itself to us. Our client trusted us to revolutionize his private garage. Superb cars now well preserved, and a delighted owner! A new great satisfaction Innova-box.

Garage 9

From a very dilapidated garage to a splendid setting! This box is ready to welcome this wonderful American. Connected lighting and the paddock atmosphere work wonders!

Garage 10

Here is the relaxation lounge that we recently made at our partner! It combines warmth and modernity thanks to its magnificent wooden parquet floor and its starry sky.

Garage 11

When Audi produces a car that’s as sublime as it is fun to drive, it’s time to build a dream garage for it. The know-how of our teams and our suppliers have made it possible to transform this garage into a unique setting.

Garage 12

With this height under ceiling of 6m, we concocted the unprecedented all in magic for our client! By installing our beautiful shiny black plates, we took this garage into the future… Guaranteed effects with this wonderful view of the garage from the living room!

Garage 13

Completely redesigned by our team, this 25m² box with its hydraulic bridge system has become both unique and practical.

Garage 14

Here is a photo and presentation space made especially for a vehicle dealer customer.

Garage 15

A garage of approximately 80m² completely transformed! This box literally traveled into the future! This GT3RS better watch out.

Garage 16

BMW enthusiast? Here is a garage of about 20m² in the colors of the German brand. Despite its small size, the client still opted for many options, the result is just great.

Garage 17

Here is one of the most beautiful Innova-box garages, a 150m² filled with supercars. There are all kinds of lights, options, materials… This garage will make people jealous!

Garage 18

Both sober and modern, this garage of around 45m² has met our client’s expectations.

Garage 19

What about this showroom… Our client trusted us to create their delivery area. There are 2 types of lights, cladding, Star Wars LEDs and many other elements. The effect is guaranteed when you open the garage door!

Garage 20

A 35m² box in the heart of Paris! This completely unrecognizable garage is wide enough to accommodate all types of vehicles.

Garage 21

Motorcycle enthusiasts also want the best for their machine! This is the case of this client who entrusted us with the transformation of his Parisian garage. Tailor-made to accommodate 2 superb motorcycles.

Garage 22

Here is a garage of almost 50m²! Sober and classy, this box has conquered the heart of its owner.

Garage 23

A 20m² box in Switzerland! Our team was able to transform a very classic 20m² garage into a real showroom for this wonderful American.

Garage 24

A 100m² Innova-box garage! In this beautiful space, our team knew how to invest the place by dressing the walls, the ceiling and by adding the perfect options to perfect the whole thing like a backlit wall showcase and 2 custom-made chandeliers. The garage doors embedded in the ceiling complete the whole beautifully.

Garage 25

A 50m² box ready to welcome these magnificent Italians. No need to make crates of them, the pictures speak for themselves!

Garage 26

Here is a garage of more than 150m² and its descent of 80m² completely transformed! This 7-seater garage in Meurthe-Et-Moselle has been given a second life.

Garage 27

A box of 30m² in the north of France. We managed to create two distinct spaces, the garage to accommodate this magnificent Englishwoman and a new room specially designed to install our client’s workbench.

Garage 28

A 200m² garage in the Dordogne! This garage is now in a new dimension thanks to the starry sky and its new facades…

Garage 29

Here is a garage of more than 100m²! Our client, a true enthusiast, entrusted us with the transformation of this space into a magnificent showroom in the colors of Ferrari.

Garage 30

Here is our mobile showroom! A fully customizable 15m² container allowing you to create a garage in a few hours.

Garage 31

An ambitious project for a customer who collects beautiful cars. A complete rehabilitation of a traditional cinderblock garage with mezzanine. Our teams have integrated a brand new coating that provides an extraordinary shiny black finish.

Garage 32

Here is an Innova-box garage of more than 200m²! This large garage has undergone a total transformation that makes it truly unrecognizable!

Garage 33

Here is a presentation and delivery space for a client in detailing. Simple and effective, one more satisfied customer!

Garage 34

Here is a two-seater showroom in Haute-Savoie! A radical new transformation for this raw garage. A 100% Formula 1 paddock atmosphere for our Scuderia and Ferrari fan client

Garage 35

Here is a radical transformation of a classic garage into a magnificent double place. Intended to receive a splendid Mustang Bullit, this garage perfectly integrates all of our technologies. A breathtaking result that will highlight the line of this American!

Garage 36

Our very first garage! An 18m² box for a very beautiful Porsche 911S. At the request of the client, we have also added several customization options around the German brand to create an immersive universe.

Garage 37

Here is one of our latest achievements! A garage in two parts with a very “showroom” part on the left and a softer decoration on the right to make room for plenty of storage.

Garage 38

New garage! A two-seater box of approximately 35m² to house these two jewels. A simple and effective configuration!


Since 2018, Innova-box strives to meet all possible and unimaginable requests. This is why today we have nearly 40 garages in France and neighboring countries.

Here is the dispersion of all our achievements